04Mar 2015

January through March is the best time to apply Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent Weed Control to prevent weed growth during the Spring and Summer months. A liquid post-emergent is needed for the control of existing winter grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds such as henbit and dandelions. Plus, a liquid pre–emergent is needed to prevent and control annual […]

04Mar 2015

Spraying fruit trees Dormant oil should be applied to fruit trees in early spring while they are dormant but just prior to bud swell. A dormant oil spray one week before bud break is most effective. The entire tree should be covered with a layer of the oil. Dormant oil is a highly refined petroleum […]

21Jul 2015

Summer bugs are back! We are now seeing and treating the following bugs in trees and shrubs.  Bagworms: These pests strip needles off junipers, cedars, cypress and other cone-bearing plants. They use those leaves to make canvas-like bags that hang from twigs and small branches. The worm leaves the cocoon at night to feed […]

24Jul 2015

Summer bugs are back! We are now seeing and treating the following bugs in turf.  Chinch bugs: If you have Bermuda or St. Augustine turf, these will show up in the hottest, sunniest parts of your yard. The grass will look dry, yet watering won’t help. If you see this happening, look at the […]

12Oct 2015

A small worm with a monster appetite may be destroying your grasses. The fall armyworm feeds on foliage, creating browned-out areas. Detect and control the fall armyworm before your lawn becomes its feeding ground. The insect over-winters in the South Texas. The moths fly north, and by early Fall they have reached northern parts of […]

16Nov 2015

Fall: Fertilizer Treatment and Winterizing Turf   Apply an application of a slow release granular fertilizer with Nitrogen and Potassium now to build a strong root growth.   During the winter months, your lawn needs at least one inch of water per month because the root system is still active during the winter months. Most […]

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