Tree & Shrub

5 Applications of Insect Control and/or Fertilizer Treatments

These treatments start during the January-February months and end during November–December. The timing of applications is based on climatic conditions such as rain, wind, and temperatures.

Your trees & shrubs represent a growing investment that is worth protecting. There are many insects & diseases that can attack and infest your landscape. All landscapes are different. We can offer customized programs to fit any property. Our program of scheduled inspections and treatments will keep your ornamentals healthy and in top growing condition. We recommend the following:

Merit/Dormant Oil: Applied during late winter/early spring to protect hollies, crepe myrtles, azaleas, oaks & junipers from over-wintering insects such as scale, aphids, and spider mites before they begin to hatch. Application includes a horticultural oil to smother insects/eggs and a systemic insecticide (Merit) to protect your trees & shrubs from insect infestation.

Spring Fertilizer: A granular or liquid application of fertilizer that promotes green color, bud formation, and a vigorous root system. Azaleas receive special acidifying fertilizer. All trees & shrubs are inspected for disease or insects.

Early Summer Insect/Disease Control: Application reduces disease impact such as powdery mildew or other fungus. Also controls insect damage such as aphids, webworms, bagworms, bores and other sucking, chewing insects.

Fall Deep-Root Fertilizer/Feeding: Applied during the late fall period in October-December. A liquid nitrogen fertilizer, micronutrients are injected into the soil to all trees & shrubs. This treatment stimulates root growth and stores nutrients for winter to promote spring foliage growth. Treatment aids in preventing freeze damage provides a quick start to spring green-up.

Horticultural Oil: An end of the season treatment to control over wintering insects such as scale, aphids, spider mites and fungus disease.

Service calls are at NO CHARGE with our annual application program.